Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Breck 100 Press Release and Update

Registration is still open but filling quickly for Colorado's renowned one day epic mountain bike race, the Breckenridge 100.  For those racers who aren't up for the whole enchilada, shorter distances are also available for intermediate riders and teams who want to experience this spectacular high alpine cycling challenge.  

"The epic winter we had in Summit County has left a lingering snowpack that will make for a memorable crossing of Wheeler Pass on loop 1.  The typical 30 meter snowfield may this year be 200 meters!"

As Summit County trails begin to dry out from the epic winter snowfall it received, the excitement is building for the 7th annual Breckenridge 100 Mountain Bike Race, Colorado's premier one day backcountry endurance race.  Part of the National Ultra Endurance Series, and the statewide RME Series, racers will receive points in both rankings which determine the strongest and most consistent endurance athletes over the course of the season.

Can anyone unseat strongman Josh Tostado from winning his 7th consecutive Breckenridge 100 Championship?"

Local legend Josh Tostado absolutely owns this race winning every edition of the contest since its inception 7 years ago.  He has taken on all comers including Tinker Juarez, Jeff Schaulk, Travis Brown and Evan Plews to name a few, but none have been able to topple this man of steel who is undefeatable on his home turf.

"You've done the rest, now take the test!"  Are you tough enough to take the test?
Welcome to Colorado's premier off-road ultra endurance race, the 7th annual Breckenridge 100. Featuring Solo and Three Person Team Competitions, this incredible course climbs 13,719 feet over its 100 miles and will remind you of what pristine backcountry mountain biking is all about.
So start studying, the test is waiting for you on July 16th!  Featuring a sprawling course nestled between 3 ski resorts; participants are treated with a unique combination of beauty and challenge. The distinct cloverleaf loops offer team competitors the opportunity to strategize their efforts and pick which loop each participant will tackle.  
Our renowned course architect has linked together an amazing network of backcountry trails, roads, double track and bike paths that will take you beyond your typical boundaries. From start to finish, you will be both pampered and pushed to your limit at the same time. You'll cross the Continental Divide three times, climb 12,000 foot passes over a snow field, and forge high mountain streams while returning to the support and encouragement of staff, friends and teammates who are waiting for you in historic downtown Breckenridge.


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